Let's support OHU Board Member Annie McGuire as she runs in the 2022 Chicago Marathon!  

Annie's message:  When I started at Saint Andrew School 14 years ago, I was introduced to Fr. Matthias and learned about the amazing work school families were doing in Uganda. I have LOVED sharing their joint mission with my students over the years. Fast forward to March 2020- my flight was booked and I had all my shots for my first summer service trip to Uganda with One Heart Uganda. But things changed as the pandemic continued, and our trip was canceled. Since then I've joined the OHU board and this year I am running the Chicago Marathon to raise money for the students we work with. I'm raising money for One Heart Uganda because I believe in the power of education and our ability to make a difference in the lives of students who've been part of our program. We're hoping to raise enough funds to guarantee higher education tuition coverage for any student who qualifies for advancement. Won't you please join me by sponsoring my race at this year's Chicago Marathon?

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